Mind & Soul Healing

I have so much joy, simply priceless. Changed my life , forever grateful thank you Karen

Private Client

Karen has helped me considerably overcome emotional challenges.RTT & Theta are very powerful and effective .Transformed my life ,thank you.

Private Client

I am more positive and look forward to life .Karen has a very calm and relaxing approach which makes it easy to open up and trust her.

Private Client

‘Over the past few years I have worked through issues and blocks in my life, and believed that there was a set way of getting to the root of the problems, until I had a session with Karen. Karen’s method and process is extremely unique. Karen facilitated the whole experience with enormous compassion and insight, which enabled me to get to the root of the issue really quickly and the transformation and resolution has been profound! The whole process has been really positive and I am very thankful to Karen for her guidance and support’

Gale Crawford

My Regression Therapy sessions with Karen were transformational .I have experienced definite shift in my energies and feel a weight is off my shoulders .I suffered from low self-esteem and now I feel I believe in myself at my very core .Karen works at such a deep subconscious level that it releases those deep seated traumas and self-doubt that I was not even aware I had .I can now work on my goals without this constant resistance holding me back .Karen is very empathetic, compassionate and thorough and is very professional. I highly recommend her .

Pam de Robillard

My sessions with Karen made a significant difference to my confidence. Admittedly I felt vulnerable initially but Karen was warm, professional and very reassuring. I had been experiencing a range of debilitating emotions including overwhelm and depression, my life felt stuck. Now I understand so much more about these feelings, how they started and why they were having such an impact. Thanks to this insightful process I now have a sense of joy and the knowledge that I can move on with my career and simply be a much improved version of myself. Totally priceless. It was well worth putting my 'courage pants' on and working with Karen! Thank you. Truly thank you for my sessions...unforgettable


Karen is an extraordinary lady and therapist. She is 100% committed to her clients and to helping people reach their true potential. She gives of her all and goes above and beyond what is expected of her. Thanks to RTT my life has rapidly started turning around and my inward transformation is evident by those who know me well. Thank you, Karen for believing in me. I found such strength in your gentleness. With heartfelt gratitude Gaynor.


I first experienced Karen at a theta healing course called Game of life. I was instinctively drawn to her as an individual and intuitive. I have benefited greatly from her abilities as an intuitive and recommend her highly for removal of trauma, finding bottom beliefs in an individual, and creating space for source energy to flow easier within an individual. She has great work ethic and structure in her sessions to enable one to integrate easily. Her profound skill set and adaptability between modalities is phenomenal. She enables clients to activate their highest, truest embodiment's and gives them clarity and insight to release anything that is leaving them stagnant, which works well within the corporate environment as well as in a personal capacity.


Financial Manager
During the different sessions I felt more positive and could not stop smiling because I felt relief. I was a very anxious person but this journey and process has allowed to feel joy and at peace. I have been able to explore different things and feels like I was transformed into the person I was before and the person I was meant to be. My anxiousness was holding me back but these sessions have allowed me to deal with the anxiety. The one thing I have learnt is that the recordings are of utmost importance. Everytime I listen to the recordings I feel relieved and like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I would highly recommend Karen to anyone who wants to heal and feels like something is not right with themself.Thank you .


I am able to forgive ,I have a sense of freedom and clarity .Truly thank you for my sessions .Unforgettable.

Private Client

During the different sessions I felt more positive and could not stop smiling because I felt relief. I was a very anxious person but this journey and process has allowed to feel joy and at peace. I have been able to explore different things and feels like I was transformed into the person I was before and the person I was meant to be. Thank you Karen 💖

Private Client

I have been seeing Karen for 4 weeks intensely regarding crippling anxiety and depression.I have been working with Rapid Transformational Therapy And Theta healing combined .It has changed my life ,my relationships. I am truly grateful thank you Karen.

Private client

Karenessentialhealing I can’t tell you how its’ changed my life .Before doing work on myself I was on strong medication. I was having severe panic attacks .I wasn’t any sort of person I am now .With doing my RTT and listening to my recordings I am no longer on any medication and I know longer suffer from anxiety which is something I believed would never happen .I have seen various therapists throughout my life and I have been on various medication and I thought that would be my life forever however with the wonderful work I have done I cannot recommend Karen enough .She is absolutely fantastic ,she goes above and beyond and is always there for me .She has shown me processes and different healings which have changed my life forever and I am eternally grateful .I could not recommend her enough .💖


Going into hypnotherapy I was quiet scared because I didn’t know what to expect, working with Karen was truly a life changing experience, I had gone to her for help with anxiety, it’s now day 18 since I have done my first session and I can truly feel the difference in myself, I feel amazing, I have noticed changes in all areas of my life ,I’m feeling happier in myself and I do not feel I have to wear my beanie to cover my face anymore, such an amazing healing experience, I can’t thank you enough!

Private Client

Age 21
Karen, I want to thank you so much for helping me to free myself from a guilt towards my family. Now that I got rid of the guilt and the punishment pattern, I feel so much more myself and I can offer so much more to others. I understand clearly that when I live to my full potential, without limiting myself, everybody wins. I win, my family wins, the Universe wins. Thank you so much for creating this safe and so professional transformation container for me Karen. For being my healing angel!


Age 49